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The GLOBE Program is a Program of Learning and Global Observations for the Benefit of the Environment. Its implementation promotes the awareness of the environmental situation. In Argentina, it began to develop in 1995 and today there are more than 100 schools nationwide that work for the program.
We use protocols to promote the teaching of science in the classroom. It helps us unite the community of teachers, scientists, and citizens in order to measure the impact of our actions and to raise awareness about the effects on the entire planet.
The garden project was born in 2014 with the aim of learning to cultivate and care for different species, allowing children to appreciate the natural world and the human actions that contribute to its conservation.
The garden is a place to: think, ask, share, check and discover (thinking routines). In addition, cooperative work is promoted among children at initial and primary levels with the participation of parents.
This project is carried out throughout the school year (from mid-April to November). Each class will be responsible for a flower bed where 2 or 3 species are planted.
ENO is a school and global virtual network for sustainable development. Since its launch in 2000, more than 10,000 schools in 157 countries have joined ENO and made concrete works for the environment, such as the planting of trees in two annual days of the United Nations. The first, on May 22, the day for biodiversity and September 21, the day for world peace.
Everyone in Austin can perform the selective separation of waste through differentiated bins that are located in different parts of the school. In addition, we collaborate with the collection of different materials through Social Programs for Recycling purposes such as Garraham Hospital (collection of caps) or the Campana City Hall (collection of batteries, cardboard and paper).

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