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The teaching of Physical Education in our institution is highly concerned with teaching each student to constitute their corporeity and motor skills, thus contributing to their integral formation in the different contexts in which it is developed.
Learning Physical Education involves knowing the body, experiencing possibilities of motor performance, communicating by expanding different ways of expression, playing with others and connecting with the environment. This is achieved through different pedagogic instances in which children and adolescents can explore, discover and share activities, solve problems and reflect on shared experiences.
With this aim, in Austin EBS, we include the teaching of different sports that contribute to the integral formation of our students: athletics, soccer, basketball, handball, volleyball, softball, hockey and gymnastics.
It is a recreational-educational-formative experience in nature, which provides unique experiences for education in the cognitive, social and affective areas through life in groups.
The Institution uses not only technical resources in the camp experience but also those related to pedagogy (teaching), environmental management and values as main contents. All this is coordinated and supervised so that the activity is enriching and positive for the teaching-learning process of the education of the child according to their age.
We are the co-founding institution of "sports and cultural bridge events". It is a series of meetings with sports and cultures competitions, designed to encourage teamwork, awaken vocations and promote values. The tournaments start in June and finish in November. Students from 13 schools in the region participate.
The tournament takes place in the Ciudad de Campana Club and the Campana Boat Club. In the sports competition, students may represent their school in one of the following disciplines: athletics, handball, basketball, volleyball, hockey and soccer.
It is an annually scheduled activity that combines athletics and cycling, where students participate by levels. They can bring their bicycles, so they can enjoy a sports day inside the institution.
It is an bonding experience among all members of the Austin community organized by the Physical Education department.
The annual meeting aims at being recognized as part of an institutional project, and to share experiences, add interests and enjoy the performance of recreational, sports, artistic and / or solidary activities.
Annually, we carry out the "inter-houses", an event that promotes our values, a sense of belonging, commitment and respect for colleagues and teamwork, highlighting the contribution of each member as fundamental to the achievement of a common result.
As from 1st form, students and their families are assigned one of the Houses of the School (Water, Earth or Wind). They will be part of this House for their entire schooling. Belonging to a house is a pride that they have to carry with responsibility and honor; it implies a personal commitment in favour of a team.

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