Exploring the World

We understand that early childhood is the stage in which the abilities of children are enhanced, they learn language, understand the culture of the community, discover the possibilities of their body and mind, build their identity and acquire skills to live with others.
In Kindergarten we privilege a space to:
- Generate a favorable emotional climate, promoting dialogue on affective issues, helping students to become aware of their own emotional universe, which allows them to acquire knowledge of themselves.
- Play, discovering how the world works from different playful scenarios specially designed to enrich and expand their knowledge, generating and strengthening links.
- Connect students to Literature, which allows them to imagine, feel, learn words and their meanings, to feel empathy and to think critically, knowing different places and customs.
- Sing, dance, paint, act, learn expressions that help them share ideas, show emotions and live new adventures.
- Explore and ask to understand the world and what it means to be part of it, living the joy of being surprised.

In Austin, a close relationship is promoted between the family group in the first place and the community in general, as active participants in the educational process. The aim is to promote an integral development in children based on the recognition of their singularities and interests, respect for their different development rhythms and the value of sharing and learning from adults who respect, love and protect them.

With them, we enjoy this unique stage in life ...

Campus H. Gardner

Dolphins: 3-year-old
Monkeys: 4-year-old
Bears: 5-year-old
(2-year-old group opening 2019)

Morning: 7:50 to 11:50 hs.
Afternoon: 12:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

From Monkeys on: Full Time.