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Our Values

Consider, accept and value others and oneself as autonomous and legitimate beings in their diverse choices and rights.

To feel genuine interest in others, seeking connection and understanding of a perspective that is not my own, and to be sensitive to it.

To be involved and act responsibly, to achieve goals with enthusiasm and proactivity, and to promote positive, individual, collective and environmental transformations.

Environmental Sensitivity
Caring for our environmental and human context, taking sustainable actions that consider the general welfare of all living beings from the point of view of precaution (precaution + proactivity)

To be curious, flexible and innovative in the search for new ideas and solutions to different situations of daily life.

Intitutional Objectives

- To form people with critical and reflective thinking based on the appropriation of knowledge and skills aimed at developing levels of understanding in a multilingual framework, bilingual in English.
- To provide an environment where the daily application of technological innovation tools develops the teaching-learning process.
- To encourage the development of emotional and social skills based on institutional values.
- To develop and train ethical people, sensitive to their role in society.
- To promote an environment of kindness, respect and support that favours the integral-individual development of each institutional actor.
- To offer a space that channels the interrelation between the institution and the local community, in a context of social responsibility.