The Name
Austin is the English adaptation of our name, AGUSTÍN of Hipona, often translated as Augustine.
Augustine of Hippo, better known as San Agustín, was a person worthy of admiration; an educator and philosopher, whose teachings have contributed to modelling modern thought.

Augustine emphasized on the importance of freedom and responsibility for human actions.
He was an excellent polemicist and apologist, as well as a brilliant analyst of his own time.
He criticized those who did not encourage games as part of the learning process, but he always believed in the importance of training and discipline.
An outstanding person, someone who researched and learned through questioning both the principles of others and their own.

Know yourself, accept yourself, surpass yourself.

"Love and do what you will.
If you keep silent, keep silent by love;
if you speak, speak by love;
if you correct, correct by love,
if you pardon, pardon by love."